Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Custom List

Heather (ReiSapphireJade)
M/L Shorties: Lizzie's Wonderland "Pharoah"-- finished
M/L Longies: Lizzie's Wonderland "Morgana" -- finished

Vera 4 M Shorties -- 3 yarns received -- Interlacements, Shades of Teal, Victoria, waiting on Soggy Granola -- Shades of Teal On Needles

Christi (littlebean) 2 M/L Shorties: Purewool "Gentleman" and "Mysterious" -- finished

Kelly (kellyjean615) Cheer Skirty: Bugaboo Bottoms "Pinkle" -- yarn received, measurements received -- on needles

Heather (ReiSapphireJade)
M/L Shorties: Lorna's Laces Rainbow
M/L Skirty: Lorna's Laces "Hawaii"

Waiting List
Michelle (nonniecita) -- skirty
(GrowingUpMad) -- cheer skirty
Amy (DDC) -- cheer skirty
Crystal (cowmommy) -- cheer skirty
Lindsay (boilerbebeRN) -- cheer skirty needed for July
Karen (catiesmommytoo) -- cheer skirty
Amy (Matildasmum) -- cheer skirty
(lablover) -- Black Jack Cargo Shorties
Heather (lovnbabygabi) -- cheer skirty -- yarn on the way (3/12)
Amy (Mom2littlemissaudrey) -- skirty
Karolina (kvalentine) -- longies for next fall
Claudia (thirds_a_charm) -- longies and hat for fall
Vera 3 NB Longies (have all yarns, work on as able)

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